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Products and Inventions Wanted Fall/Winter 2018
If you have a question, send us an e-mail. Because of the number of submissions we receive, we are unable to talk by telephone unless we have received enough information in an email to let us know we are interested (please do not reveal proprietary information in an initial e-mail). Due to travel schedules, we are occasionally slow in responding to emails, we ask that you be patient if you don't hear from us immediately. Please remember that we are very selective. Fewer than 1% of submissions made to Pelham West are ultimately reviewed by clients. While some of our clients prefer to review a product or invention early in its development, other clients require that a product be patent pending or have an office action taken on a filed patent application.

Electrical Cord Related Products used for storage, safety, or organizing and keeping wires and cords neat. Sold commercially or in office supply stores or home centers.

Construction or demolition Tools. Tools that builders and construction workers would use that are safer and/or faster than existing products. Mechanical devices only - nothing that uses a motor or electricity

Products for autobody repair / automobile painting

Construction Tool Organizers, Workbelts, or Tool Carriers.

Safety Products for Industry used to make factories and workplaces safer, especially in the area of cord and cable management. Safety products that can reduce trip hazards. Products used to reduce insurance liability in business, office settings or tradeshow and meeting venues.

Automotive Accessories,  winter-related products such as ice scrapers, folding shovels, etc. Also any simple automotive related accessory such as a sun screen, cup holder, seat cover, etc. Any items that don't need government approval for use.

Electrical Contractor Tools. Wire management, cabling, reels and racks.  Mechanical devices only - nothing that uses a motor or electricity

  We also have clients interested in products already in limited production that have either an issued utility patent or are patent-pending with a utility patent filed (not a provisional patent application or design patent). We will review all products with a sales history. We have matched small companies with patented products already on the market to clients who have purchased the company. The quality of the issued patent is important.