Useful Links and Resources

Inventor Shows, Conferences and Networking

We recommend that you consider going to an inventor expo or conference to attend workshops and seminars and to have the chance to meet with other inventors and service providers. Below are listed the shows that we think are worth checking out. As always, be sure to google and search for who sponsors the show and who they have for speakers and presenters. We strongly feel that you should attend any show once before getting a booth to see if you think it is worth the cost and to attend the workshops.

Minnesota Inventors' Congress

The world's oldest and most prestigious inventors conference, held each June in Minnesota. Exhibit your product and attend educational workshops.


Annual conference sponsored by the United States Patent and Trademark Office


Northern Plains Inventors Congress

The NPIC provides inventors and entrepreneurs with the information necessary to effectively commercialize new ideas.  The NPIC also encourages innovation and economic development in the United States by exchanging ideas between inventors, entrepreneurs and professionals. 


Inventor organizations

Over 100 inventor organizations exist throughout the United States and Canada. We've met many inventors who have had their questions answered, filled in a gap in their knowledge, and practiced their presentations at their local inventor organizations. For a list of groups, check listings at

Books and other resources



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