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From Patent to Profit

Now in its third edition, From Patent to Profit is based on Bob's seminar series. Bob has fourteen patents and his products claim $25,000,000 in sales at nationally known stores. You are likely to be using one of Bob's inventions whenever you carry a plastic bag with advertising from a major chain. Bob emphasizes a team approach at every stage of a product's development.

NOLO Press Books:

Patent It Yourself

This is one book that we hear recommended over and over. Most of the folks who rave about it do not believe that you should patent the product yourself - but they do believe that you can learn an enormous amount by reading this book. And that will result in a much greater likelihood of success - and a tremendous saving of your time and energy.

License Your Invention: Sell Your Idea and Protect Your Rights with a Solid Contract

This is the book we use as the basis for most of our licensing contracts. Includes disk with sample contracts.

Will It Sell? how to Determine if Your Invention Is Profitably Marketable Before Wasting Money on a Patent

This is a grassroots but very in-depth look at marketing and incorporates a web approach to resource listings. If you are objective in evaluating your idea and follow Jim's advice, the odds are much higher that you will be successful. This book requires you to put your inventors' ego aside!

The Toy and Game Inventor's Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Pitch, License, and Cash-in on Your Ideas

Richard C. Levy has co-developed over 200 toys and games, including the Furby. He is the author of 12 books, appears frequently on the Discovery Channel's Invention series and is often interviewed in The New York Times. Ronald Weingartner is the former vice president of research and development of Hasbro, the world's largest game manufacturer."

Stand Alone, Inventor!: And Make Money with Your New Product Ideas!

Hard to find but probably the best book for inventors who are looking to produce the product themselves. Great advice if you have a simple to manufacture product.