Submitting Products for Licensing Review

As product scouts, we assist you by:

  • providing the opportunity to present products to potential licensees without paying a fee.
  • offering a network of established businesses with pre-defined product needs.
  • pre-qualifying companies who offer the opportunity for a potential match.
  • working with companies that have a track record of licensing outside products.
  • working with companies that have established distribution networks.
  • getting quick responses because we work directly with the decision makers.
  • providing access to retail and commercial markets with companies that market through direct sales, catalog, internet, infomercials, etc.

We are product scouts and not agents for inventors. We do not represent inventors looking for licensees. As product scouts, we have contracts with client companies to provide them with new products and, as a result, do not charge inventors a fee for submission of products that meet our client criteria. See our current "Products Wanted List".

As a matching service for licensing arrangements between company clients and inventors, we are unable to provide product evaluations for inventors. If you wish an evaluation of your product, we strongly recommend that you use an independent evaluation service such as the United Inventors' Association at


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