Manufacturers and Distributors

We offer client companies opportunities to expand their businesses and increase revenues without the usual large investment in research and development.

Product scouting: Our services identify new inventions and new products created by inventors that fit your needs. We have developed a nationwide network of inventors to draw upon.

Product evaluation services: Many companies struggle to find an efficient and cost effective solution to evaluating the inventions/products submitted to them by independent inventors.

We take in submissions, provide an initial evaluation, gather additional information (when appropriate), forwarding only those products that warrant your time and energy for review. We reduce your liability by acting as a third party shield and we respond to the inventor. By handling the administrative and communication workload, we allow you the opportunity to remain focused on getting your products on the market while ensuring that you don't miss the opportunity of identifying the next new product for your company.

  • We offer consulting services focused on exploring the best ways for you and your company to locate new products from inventors and avoid the pitfalls associated with licensing in new products and inventions.
  • We offer product development services providing the opportunity to develop the new invention you know your company needs or to further develop a new product to match your criteria using our group of engineers, industrial designers and graphic artists.

Pelham West works with Fortune 100 companies as well as one or two product companies.

For more information, contact us here.

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