As product scouts, we offer opportunities for those products for which licensing makes sense to be brought to market under licensing agreements with our network of clients and industry contacts.

Our clients vary in terms of the stage of development they wish a product to reach prior to their review.  Some are happy to review a product with provisional patent status and others prefer that a patent application has been written. Something all our clients share is an interest in having a product that is potentially patentable since it is the patent that is ultimately licensed. 

Our process: We ask that you submit your responses to a short questionnaire. We are unable to begin with phone conversations due to the number of people who contact us. An initial review will allow us to confirm that your product idea is a potential match with a client.

We are not licensing agents and do not represent inventors. Because we are paid by our clients for matching products, there is no charge to the inventor for our services.

Please review our Inventions Wanted list prior to making your submission. The submission form can be found at the bottom of that list.



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